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This is the NEXT BIG thing in local marketing!

We are all familiar with FREE Wi-Fi signs everywhere, businesses are looking to take advantage of this technology in their local establishment to attract more customers.

You can help them by offering a complete solution that includes a marketing platform and Wi-Fi engagement.

EngageBuilder is an Omni-Channel marketing platform that offers a suite of digital channels, and Wi-Fi engagement at affordable prices for small/medium business to compete with big box competitors.

By becoming an EngageBuilder partner you have a unique business opportunity to increase your business revenue, by helping local business  like your coffee shop, mom and pop stores, restaurants and more with a branded Wi-Fi solution bundled with an award winner marketing platform that is sure to create engagement generate key insights, repeat sales, and promote customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Start your own local marketing business for as little as $649.  Join us today! This is an opportunity of a life time.

Start your own local marketing business for as little as $649.99  Join us today! This is an opportunity of a life time. Order your kit now!


Have you ever dreamed about having the freedom that comes from owning your own business, your own agency?


You, as a reseller can provide MARKETING ENGAGEMENT  & Wi-Fi (hotspot)  solutions to your clients without having to operate servers, complicated marketing platforms or multiple services to create engagement. We make it simple by offering plug and play access points, cloud based marketing solution and network management.

EngageBuilder digital channels include:

  • Branded splash page
  • Email & SMS marketing
  • Loyalty program
  • Mobile ordering
  • Social media
  • Video and slide engagers
  • Surveys
  • Analytics

EngageBuilder gives you the opportunity to start your own Wi-Fi and marketing company in your area.


Retailers, restaurants, shopping malls and many others are looking for a way to engage, expand customer database, promote brand, get insights, boost customer satisfaction and retain more customers.

Business that already offer Free Wi-Fi have a problem, they have no idea who is using their Wi-Fi and are missing out on marketing opportunities.

Businesses are looking for a solution that includes engagement, communication, loyalty, insights and more. EngageBuilder Wi-Fi and digital channels benefit both the customer and the business because:

  • Increases foot traffic
  • Attracts new customers
  • Welcome them with a video or slide show
  • Offer a loyalty program in the cloud
  • Meet customer expectations
  • Communicates in real time
  • Get key insights
  • Helps differentiate business competitors
  • Improves search engine ranking
  • Enhance customer tracking


EngageBuilder offers part time or full time recurring monthly income from business you sold and partners you refer to EngageBuilder.

Revenue channels:

  • Commissions on hardware sales (25% on access points, repeaters, etc.)
  • Installation of hardware (95% is all yours)
  • Monthly EngageBuilder platform commissions (25%)

Design marketing services and strategies around our technology and own your marketing agency and distributorship.

We use a multi-level schema so you will earn commissions for monthly payments of clients you bring with us, and for those they bring, and so on, up to three levels in your down line tree.

Order your kit today.

Affiliate Program Engage Builder

Affiliate Program Engage Builder

This is a global opportunity! join today.

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