Create a Dialogue

Email and SMS marketing are gold, put it in your pocket

Create a Dialogue and Get Engaged

Believe it or not, email is gold and is here to stay! When used the way it supposed to be, EngageBuilder takes email and SMS marketing to a whole different level.

EngageBuilder integrates your email with your social media and loyalty programs.

  • Email campaigns are delivered with content that looks like it came from a person, or business, and is personalized with offers on rewards, solving a problem, and is timely and educational.
  • On demand campaigns are trigger when a customer opts-in, checks in, orders ahead, gives you insights and on special occasions like a birthday.

When integrated with your loyalty program, customers share your email campaigns on their social media profiles to receive loyalty points. Ultimately attracting more leads and fostering conversations. Also, learn how to listen to the potential customer’s needs and respond to those needs over time.

EngageBuilder offers outbound SMS (short TEXT messages) to engage customers; our unique text message (SMS Marketing) includes a smart link for customers to complete their profile in one step.

EngageBuilder gives you the “right tools” to reach consumers with relevant, engaging content that speaks to them on a personal level.

Design Beautiful HTML Email Templates

Select form a library of mobile and desktop (responsive) templates to send via your email campaigns, post on your Social Media profile. You can create branded Facebook apps, to use as a landing page or mini website!

Email Templates

Templates for Mobile and Desktop, Create it once use it with multiple channels


Use Our Powerful Email Template Builder

You can grab an existing template design and modify it to fit your needs or start your own design from scratch.

HTML Email Builder

Our HTML template Builder let you design beautiful emails and more


Advance widgets are built in, no coding needed. Just click the desired widget and it is added to your template, it’s that simple!

You can create and add new widgets to your widget library as shortcuts. Our social media widgets are automatically linked to your loyalty program so you can offer points each time your customers share your campaigns… 

Email Builder Widgets

Email Builder Widgets


Auto-Pilot marketing

Set it and Forget it… With our “Always-on marketing strategy” Your marketing campaigns are virtually On demand! Everything from mobile opt-in’s, automatic segmentations, message delivery, loyalty and order-ahead are always on. Setup once, then use it in multiple ways to for all of you consumers. Then see your activity grow daily.

Campaign Builder Trigger options

Trigger and drip campaigns


Canvas Campaign Builder

Unlike many other Email and SMS marketing systems, EngageBuilder’s Campaign Builder does not force users to follow a wizard to prepare and trigger campaigns; we use an open mechanism to let you start, prepare and schedule multiple campaigns at once. Making modifications on the fly and watching campaigns change quickly and in real time.

Campaign Builder Unobtrusive Builder

Canvas Campaign Builder

Campaign Builder Multiple Campaigns

Setup Multiple Campaigns at the same time

Campaign Analytics

EngageBuilder gives you the Real-Time Reports and Customer Stats so you can measure your campaign’s overall effectiveness and success. Finally you can set goals then see if you are on track, right from your mobile phone, computer or tablet. What gets measured, gets managed & What gets manage gets improved!

Are you ready to Create a Dialogue and Get Engaged with EngageBuilder? Get started today click here to Learn More.

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