EngageBuilder brings engagement, simplicity and value with Social login

By now you may be aware of Password Fatigue; you may even be suffering from it. This condition manifests itself amongst consumers who grow tired of coming out with different usernames and passwords combinations for logging in to your web/mobile service. Password fatigue doesn’t just spoil web experiences for internet users but are also a nightmare for internet marketers.

We at EngageBuilder have made it simple; consumers can sign up or check in to your loyalty program with their Social ID from Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn and Windows Live.

When a consumer joins your loyalty program with a Social ID EngageBuilder adds them to your database (list) and pulls contact information like name and email from the social network.

Immediate benefits:

  • Create social engagement
  • Simplified process, no need for forms
  • Email is authenticated
  • The user contact details is pull from the social network and added to your data base (list)

Deliver Value

Personalized experiences – Consumers are looking for personalized experiences EngageBuilder automatically segments your list and delivers target content in real-time.

Users spend more time, order ahead and give you feedback – Our loyalty program includes order ahead and satisfaction surveys, Facebook has released certain stats that further strengthen the case for Social Login. One such statistic is that users who sign in with Facebook spend more time looking at your services and offers as compared to average users.

Capture the right data – Depending on the social network EngageBuilder captures the right data for you. But all said and done, you will get more information out of Social Login than you ever hoped to get from dedicated registration. Think about it for a second. There are social networks that want users to mention their marriage anniversary (if married) to become a member. There are others that ask for your email and verify it; you also need to mention your gender, birthday and even relationship status. This information is a veritable goldmine for marketers. For example  if you get access to the  marriage anniversary date of users logging into your loyalty program with their social credentials and you also know their gender, you can push through targeted offers to their verified email ID.

Friendly Engagement – Social Login should be an integral part of your loyalty and website’s social media matrix because it makes the lives of your target customer easier and by association also helps create an environment for better customer engagement. With users spending more time on social media, there is a truckload of user data available for your benefit, which allows you to deliver target campaigns and grow your business

Consumers want it – Yes, your loyalty program needs to be sociable and a Social Login is a huge step forward in this regard, but there is a bigger reason why it needs to be implemented on your site – Your target customers want it.

Implementation - Social login is used for our loyalty program integrated with order ahead and surveys, but it can also be used for data capture and contend delivery. EngageBuilder is an open canvas only limited by the imagination, sign up today and start growing your business like never before!

For more information contact us at helpdesk@engagebuilder.com

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