Engagebuilder for Churches

Spread the gospel, it becomes a life-changing mechanism for good.

Because of this movement towards on-the-go interaction, we’re living in a very special moment in history. Advancements in mobile technology have made our lives dramatically easier than any generation before us. Even as mobile technology opens us up to connect and interact with people living all over the planet, it’s also causing communities to flourish on a local, more personal level.

Just like building a website is a necessary part of connecting with congregates, mobile engagement is a must for every church who wants to keep their congregation and community engaged. Read this article: “Why and How To Use A Mobile App For Your Church” @ pastors.com

Churches are an important aspect in our community; they are the glue for our towns and cities, churches are important because they keep us connected from the gospel to community events; in the past the church kept people updated by word of mouth at church services, but today people are on their smartphones checking for everything you can think off.

EngageBuilder has all the tools to help churches create mobile engagement:

  • Mobile website (feature rich)
  • Mobile videos
  • Mobile slide shows (gallery)
  • Prayer request with real-time email alarms
  • One Touch Communication
  • Contact form
  • Opt-in form
  • Email marketing
  • Professional email templates
  • SMS text
  • On-demand campaigns
  • Birthday eCard
  • Devotionals
  • Message of the month
  • eNewletter
  • Surveys
  • Donations pages
  • Analytics
EngageBuilder has incredible implications for the body of Christ, especially when churches and ministries are proactive in reaching people wherever they are. EngageBuilder can be used to help spread the gospel; it becomes a life-changing mechanism for good.

Do it yourself or let our professionals help you

Mobile marketing $25/month

  • Mobile website builder
  • Capture page
  • Video and slide engagers
  • Prayer request with automatic notifications
  • Email marketing up to 500 subscribers
  • Surveys
  • Kiosk app builder
Get a professional 5 page mobile website for $249 (plus $25/month)

  • General info
  • Prayer request with automatic notification
  • Video and slide engagers
  • Video or gallery page
  • Contact
  • Click to call
  • Services
  • Events

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