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Complete digital experiences across multiple channels to capture the attention of consumers

Even the smallest most basic car costs about 20,000 after taxes, so who actually has $20,000 sitting in their bank account? It’s no wonder that people in the market to buy a car spend a considerable amount of time researching vehicles. Typically most consumers will use the web to research a new vehicle and keep an eye at the Sunday paper for good deals. Buying a car is not a quick decision, and the lag between initial research and purchase can easily stretch into a period of many months.About 6 months ago we bought a new car and did what consumers do today; we searched the web, looked at Sunday specials and visited over 5 dealers in a period of a few months, but we did not make a purchase until a friend of ours recommended a dealer and a sales person by name.The truth is that none of the channels captured our attention or trust and ended up buying from some one that was recommended to us.

EngageBuilder can help you by capturing the attention of consumers in so many ways

Get consumers insights: To the right of this writing you can try an example of how can you ask prospects to give you their wants and needs.

Let us help you finding the right car for you

Segmentation: Segment your contact list by wants and needs.
Start the communication: Program target triggers campaigns that meet the prospect needs.
Use your print media and TV advertising: Introduce your dealership with a genuine mobile video message. Like this one to the right.The bottom line: Gain a new loyal customer and an automotive off the lot.After the sale: Continue with service and satisfaction campaigns, ask for their suggestions, offer a referral fee and see new customers come thru the door.

Track everything: Know what is working in real-time.

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