EngageBuilder for Restaurants and Retail

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Today’s marketing options for restaurant can seem innumerable and the number of choices in the future will only increase. Marketers have to choose not only which channel to utilize, but how much to invest in each channel to achieve success.The truth is that you are blind when it comes to knowing what is working because you have no way to measure it and even when you have data from all the individual channels, you still don’t know how the combined formula impacts the bottom line.According to InfoTrends *multi-channel campaigns using email, customized landing pages and print yielded a 35% higher response rate than print-only campaigns. (*several channels use and measure separately)

That’s where EngageBuilder comes in.

EngageBuilder is an Omni-Channel Marketing platform helps restaurants orchestrate their direct digital marketing efforts; Mobile engagement, Social Media, Landing pages, Email marketing, SMS text, Loyalty program and Surveys.

EngageBuilder turn consumers into an engaged audience, with mobile videos and slide shows with tap to action buttons to join your list, loyalty club, share in social media and take a survey.

Test the loyalty program

Once a customer joins your contact list the communication starts with triggered target social email campaigns so you can be on top of mind. As customers receive your emails you inspire them to share in social networks by offering incentives, and when they come in they check in to track and redeem thier loyalty points, identification happens minute by minute so you know your customers and offer outstanding service.

Here you have some of the benefits.

  • Know the impact of your social campaign
  • See who is sharing your content and reward them
  • Track shares, likes and comments
  • Get insights in real-time and find out key answers that drive your business.
  • Social media is just a touch away, your customers have a megaphone allow them to use it and rave about your restaurant.
  • Bi-lingual marketing to reach multi-cultural markets.
  • Landing pages, create customized landing pages for mobile or website, our modules are cross platform.
  • Segment your list by channel, by answers, by loyalty, communication activity or create your own rule.
  • Analytics, EngageBuilder measures everything so you know what is working in real-time.
  • Mobile website builder, create your mobile version of your website, use our modules and engagement platform and add a wow factor.

Experience it with your mobile device

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