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Travel industry marketing is in a state of dynamic transformation due to consumer enthusiasm for social networking and rapid adoption of mobile devices. Now, more than ever before, travelers have access to channels that allow them to share their experiences and opinions with others. For marketers, these developments bring many opportunities to foster engagement and brand loyalty. And an additional benefit, which can sometimes be overlooked, is the wave of new information about your customers that today’s connected environment affords. This data is marketing gold that you can leverage to increase the relevancy and effectiveness of your campaigns and communications like never before.

EngageBuilder has been helping the travel industry since 2004

We have help Wyndham, Grand Pacific (now own by Hilton), Pacific Monarch (now Diamond Resorts) to generate over a million leads and convert over 20% to loyal customers. The effectiveness of our technology and methodology has been so successful that has opened the doors for other opportunities.

According to the 2011 American Customer Satisfaction report indicates that while customers are more satisfied than ever with the user experience of online travel websites, customer loyalty and repeat business via online channels receive lower marks. This indicates that travel marketers have an opportunity to retain devoted customers with the effective use of online channels, such as mobile engagement and email. When implemented properly, mobile marketing and advanced email marketing tools, technologies, and tactics successfully engage the customer and drive them to higher lifetime value and brand advocacy.

EngageBuilder, not only creates engagement, retention and conversions but keeps an eye on the heart of your business with satisfaction surveys at the point of experience. EngageBuilder rewards the customer so you can be remembered and retain more customers.

The uses of EngageBuilder are limitless to the imagination, try EngageBuilder today and successfully engage the customer and drive them to higher lifetime value and brand advocacy.

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