Best practices to get your email in your list members INBOX.

Don't ever cross the thin line between email marketer and spammers

Email marketing has become a very powerfull tool, but it is also a hard path to succeed in, many people abuse from this resource and become SPAMMERS, they start a war with email providers (ISPs) as they try very hard to keep their clients emails out from spam.
Email marketers are also involved in this war, there is a thin line between spam and marketing email and for sure ISPs will know which side put your emails. If you look close your emails look pretty similar to many emails that get into your spam folder, how you let know ISPs that your are not a spammer? This goal is not easy at all, but you can perfectly succeed as many others do by following some standarized rules and good practices.

If you are responsible and smart with this tips, we will be able to keep clean your reputation with ISPs and you will have big odds to put your emails into your list members INBOX.

  1. NEVER use paid lists, that is what SPAM companies are for, not this one. If you send emails to people who don’t know you (or your company) at all, they will not doubt in mark your email as spam, your reputation will go down instantly and in best case your emails will go to SPAM folder (almost anyone read those emails); worse case, ISP blacklist us and won’t accept any email from you.
    This is why we monitor complaints (spam marks of your emails by your list members), we won’t tolerate this practice and we will note it instantly in your complaint rate.
  2. Be carefull and smart while writing your emails.Your emails should make you look as an informer and not as a seller, so you need to be very subtile marketing your products. Please have this advices in mind.
    • Avoid big font sizes, all capitalized sentences, dark backgrounds, exclamation signs and spamming words as order, buy, sale, book. (One capitallized word per sentence its OK)
    • Keep text/images rate low: Don’t use too many images in your emails and don’t hide spamming words as text in images since ISPs scan also images, they will know.
    • Use templates as simple as you can, very pretty and sophisticated templates doesn’t guarantee email deliverability and some times use many images and big texts.
  3. Ask your subscribers to add your from email to their address book, if they do this will increase your reputation and make your emails get to the inbox of subscribers who did. We have a template widget for this.
  4. Ask your subscribers to mark “Always open images from your email”, this will also increase the trust of ISP and also the accuracy of deliverability reports in our system.  We have a template widget for this.
  5. Ask your subscribers to mark you as NOT-SPAM in case they find there your email. We have a template widget for this.
  6. Email header alignment.By default we send emails on behalf of you, this is good since your susbcribers will see your email address in the from field and will be able to reply direct to your email, but this has become a standard practice also for spammers and for abusive marketers (spammers also). Thats why we recommend to use an email address from our sending server domain at, this will increase a lot the odds of get the INBOX. If you understand this, request a free email address from us by opening a support ticket.If you think you need to send your emails from an address of your own company we can host your domain and give you same benefits that any other hosting company. Additionally we will setup for free your email server with a dedicated IP, ready to send your campaigns emails digitally signed with SPF, DKIM and DMARC. Contact us for more information about this.
  7. Test your campaigns
    Test Campaigns

    How to test campaigns with EngageBuilder

    It is very important to test your campaigns before sending. We recommend you to open email accounts in major ISPs (gmail, aol, hotmail and yahoo). Send test copy of your campaigns to those emails and see how they look and if they are marked as spam, this is the best way to know where you need to improve your message. Never mark as NOT-SPAM any of this emails since it will never again fall into spam giving to you a false-possitive, since rest of your list members has not marked as not spam.


Responsible Email marketing is hard, line between you and spammers is thin, we are here to make our best keeping you in the right side, the final result

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