Loyalty Signup or Check in with LinkedIn account

Our loyalty program integrates with LinkedIn to allow your customer to subscribe to your list using their LinkedIn account, please follow this step by step guide to create your LinkedIn app and get your App ID and secret.

1) Log in to LinkedIn and click the following link:  https://developers.facebook.com/apps then click on Add New Application (Sign in with LinkedIn if needed). Fill all required fields (*): Application Name, Description, Website URL, Application Use, Live Status (set Live), Developer Contact Email (your email), Phone (your phone). Take special attention to oAuth User Agreement section, for Default scope field check values r_emailaddress  and r_basicprofile, fill  OAuth 2.0 Redirect URLs with value http://i.engagebuilder.com/social/process. Finally fill field JavaScript API Domains with value http://i.engagebuilder.com and don’t forget to read the LinkedIn API Terms of Use. LinkedIn App oAuth section Now with all required fields completed click Add Application to create your app. After this a new section oAuth Keys will appear with application Api Key and Secret Key. LinkedIn App oAuth keys

Next return to EngageBuilder and enter API ID Id and Secret Key under the LinkedIn icon. For more explanation click  here.

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