Loyalty Signup or Check in with Windows Live account

Our loyalty program integrates with Windows Live to allow your customer to subscribe to your list using their Live account, Please follow this a step by step guide to create your Windows Live app and get your App ID and secret.

1) Make sure you are log in to your MSN account then click https://account.live.com/developers/applications and click Create Application, fill Application name field with a branded intuitive text and click I Accept button,  you will be redirected to the Edit Application Page.


2) Click on API Settings on the left menu and enter the info shown in the following image; change Restrict JWT Issuing to NO, set Redirect URLs to http://i.engagebuilder.com/social/process

Live app api settings 

3) Next click on Save and get your App ID and Secret by clicking on  App Settings once you have your App settings return to EngageBuilder and enter them on the Windows Live. If you need more explanation click here.

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