Loyalty Signup or Check in with Facebook account

Our loyalty program integrates with Facebook to allow your customer to subscribe using their Facebook account. Please  follow  this step by step guide to create your Facebook app and get your App ID and secret code.

1) Log in to your Facebook account and click here: https://developers.facebook.com/apps to create a new app, next click on Create New App (if needed declare your self as a developer). Fill Display name field with an intuitive branded name, Like EngageBuilder log in, or loyalty log in. Next choose your corresponding Category and submit by clicking the Create App button. facebook app Create New app 2)  Once you created your app, you will see a menu on the left and your App ID and App Secret in the Dashboard   Facebook App Dashboard Key And Secret 3) Next Click on the Settings menu on the left and fill out your Contact Email (required) and App Domain, enter i.engagebuilder.com  for the domain. After that click the button Add Platform and select Website. Facebook App Settings   Facebook App Add Web Platform   4) Once you click on Website, fill out Site URL field with value http://i.engagebuilder.com and Save Changes . Facebook App Website Platform5) Go to Status & Review tab and turn YES the switch to the right of text Do you want to make this app and all its live features available to the general public? 

6) Also is recommended to setup more information about your app for your clients, that information should be completed under tab App Details.

You are Done, go to your EngageBuilder Loyalty App and click Facebook Icon to submit your App Id and Key. Complete process is explained here.

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