Loyalty Signup or Check in with Google account

Our loyalty program integrates with Google to allow your customer to subscribe using their Google account. Please follow this step by step guide to create your Google app and get your App ID and secret.

1) Make sure you are log in to your Google account, then click  here https://console.developers.google.com/ then click Create Project, fill PROJECT NAME field with an intuitive branded name, then click Create. You will be redirected to Project Dashboard, (it may take a few minutes).

Google Project Dashboard

2) Next click on Enable an API, look for Contact API and turn it ON.

3) Next click on Credentials on submenu in the left hand side under APIS & AUTH, click on Create new Client ID.  Select Web application and fill out the AUTHORIZED JAVASCRIPT ORIGINS & AUTHORIZED REDIRECT URI as shown in here:  for Authorized Javascript Origins enter:  http://i.engagebuilder.com  and for Authorized Redirect URI enter:  http://i.engagebuilder.com/social/process?hauth.done=Google  (you can copy and paste this text)

Then click Create Client ID button.

Google App Create Client id



A new section Client ID for web application will appear with app credentials, return to EngageBuilder and configured the Google access by coping and pasting the: CLIENT ID & CLIENT SECRET and you are Done. for more information on setting up EngageBuilder Loyalty click  here.

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