Create engagement, retain and grow your business

Omni channel loyalty is the wave of the now-poised to have a profound impact on the way your businesses attract, engage and retain customers.

EngageBuilder enhances the overall customer experience by combining digital and real-world experiences. Consumers want everything now and in all places in real time, including loyalty benefits, automatic points, rewards redemption, social loyalty, communication and even order-ahead.

EngageBuilder integrates loyalty; social media, order-ahead and surveys to create engagement, retain and grow your business.

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See how it works (this chart includes Order-ahead integration but you can use loyalty alone)

Loyalty workflow

Loyalty Customer Flow


Our loyalty Builder let you customize and brand each element. (click one image to see full size image)


Track orders, see customer rating, points, rewards and make sales and marketing automatic with our Real Time Customer Center Assign staff access and monitor actions and service.

 Loyalty Real Time Customer Center

Loyalty Real Time Customer Center


Everything that is measure gets managed and everything that is managed grows. EngageBuilder gives you a full picture of your business in real time. (click image for full size)

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