Six Reasons To Start A Birthday Club

Have a good reason to get in touch with a client, offer specials and engage

People almost never eat alone on their birthday.
If you can entice one customer with a birthday to come to your restaurant, you’ll be rewarded with his or her group of friends tagging along (and ordering at full price.)

People spend more money on their birthday.
If there’s one day that people allow themselves to splurge on food and drinks, it’s their birthday.
Birthdays offer a rare opportunity to attract brand new, reluctant, or second-chance customers.
The guests of the birthday diner may have been unlikely to try your restaurant on their own, but a birthday party gives you an opportunity to convert them into valuable regulars.

Having a birthday email club is a competitive advantage for your restaurant.
If a potential customer has to decide between eating at your restaurant (with a well-timed birthday discount) or eating at one of your competitors (at full price), he or she will choose your restaurant almost every time.

People talk about their birthday plans to their friends, family, and co-workers.
Because of your birthday email club, the answer to the question “What are you doing for your birthday?” will include the name of your restaurant. This is valuable “word of mouth” marketing. There will also be a second round of “word of mouth” when your customer talks about how much fun they had.

You’re building a long-term business asset.
In addition to the short-term benefits (more customers), your birthday club email list has real, long-term value. If you ever decide to sell your restaurant (or open a new one), it will be worth more with an email list of potential customers.

Engage Builder helps you build your birthday club organically fast and easy.

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